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Organized resources regarding personal agriculture (small farms, gardens), personal energy (small-scale wind, solar, hydro), and other associated content.
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What This Is

This will be an ongoing, actively expanded project, at least for 5/25/07 through 7/17/07 -- the duration of a class I'm teaching called Electronic Publishing: Theory & Practice. All my students are constructing micro-interest sites and experimenting with Google Ads, and so this will too. Ideally, I'll be able to devise a rich enough site to bring some small trickle of income in, to fund the improvements and explorations of Red Road Farm.

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Red Road Farm

The farm is nearly 100 acres of pristine land: half old growth forest (over 150 years old), the other hayfields that have never, as far as we can surmise from provenance, seen chemicals. Good water, good drainage. In a low valley. A stream trickling by sixty feet from the house, which rages only when it deluges. Two barns, and some fruit trees.
My wife and I have just acquired this northeast-central Nova Scotia hobby farm. We realize we have something marvelous, even magical. Enough acres for the sustainability of the two ecosystems; instant organic in the fields; instant room to build sustainable agriculture; instant pleasure -- and amazingly, long-term happiness and a long-term goal, since we're able to gradually grow into it over the next few years.
What I hope to collect includes background info on the nuts and bolts of building experimental wind- and water-energy devices in my garage; information on non-intrusive, non-retaining, non-toxic, organic responses to invasive species and normal agricultural pests; what sorts of right-sized farming equipment would be appropriate for a farm designed for sustainability and mild trade; what forms of that technology might be turned electric, wind-powered?
If you have suggestions for sites to add, go to the blog and comment/suggest away!


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Because I can, I do. I've built some great little prototype tools over the years to help me build a research arena. I'm adapting a few of them to gather the content that matters to me, for the class, as well as initiating a blog for discussion.
I'll gradually improve the resource toolkit, adding term clouds derived from the content, better navigation, and more "knowledge discovery" tools as the collection grows bigger.
I'll also be adding in Google Ads and (I hope) Amazon Ads, to every subtopic, to experiment with the ways in which my own interests might end up tying into my "Deep Niche" theories about the Web. More on that later. Hope you find it interesting, even at this prototype stage.
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