If you find any of these services really valuable, a contribution will encourage continued expansion of the tool set.
Orderchaos is a collection of FREE experiments and explorations into linguistic analysis and reuse, for the purposes of research and resource identification across the Web. These tools have been developed and perpetrated by Michael Jensen because he can and therefore should. The philosophy behind them presumes that humans can make the best selections among options, while algorithms can effectively generate the most options. Many of the listed tools apply approaches and algorithms currently in tortuous transition from "intellectual property" to open source, for all its warts and impatient code. However, if you are a nonprofit enterprise, I encourage you to apply these ideas to your own nonprofit work. If you are a profit-making enterprise interested in applying some of these tools for your particular purposes, please contact michaeljonjensen-AT-gmail.com to discuss. Part of the intellectual property rights belong to The National Academies, who would be engaged in any agreements.
If you are a teacher, researcher, scientist, or other "knowledge wonk," try out the Primary OrderChaos Research Tool. Currently in need of a facelift, but still useful and worth exploring.

Content analysis, identification, re-use, and re-application: we can distill the sweet pulp of the digital world.
The Primary OrderChaos Research Tool allows four key functions:
  • Build complex, precise searches for Google and Altavista from content you provide. Written in 2001, it's pretty clunky, but remarkably still gets the jjob done.
  • Distill down content you provide to extract the "key sentences" and "highest value" content.
  • Find Plagiarism from content you provide. Not perfect, but valuable
  • Extract Metadata for any text you provide, to encourage the world's search engines to find and index your online content.
SkimFree, on a different site of mine, another experiment in content extraction and distillation -- drop in a five to fifty-page long article, and it "skims" it for you, in several ways. A little nicer than the "distill" version above. 2007.
Sustainable Personal Agriculture and Energy Collection
Organized resources regarding personal agriculture (small farms, gardens), personal energy (small-scale wind, solar, hydro), and other associated content.
Electronic Publishing: Theory and Practice Collection
Organized resources pertaining to Michael's advanced graduate course on the topic, including the semester projects of 21 students.